What is Tethys?

Tethys is a drink with natural sulfur iodine water bottled directly at its hydrothermal deposit in Lavey-les-Bains, Switzerland, which is marketed as a foodstuff under the brand name “Tethys”. The valuable mineral salts in Tethys come from the primordial Tethys Sea, which covered this part of Switzerland 200 million years ago. The water that absorbed the precious mineral salts from the primordial Tethys Sea dates back to the end of the last ice age 14,150 years ago, when we were hunters and gatherers. The precious Tethys goes into the bottle unadulterated.

Where does Tethys come from?
Tethys rises artesically from the boiling hot interior of the earth to the surface from 3000 m depth. It is captured at a depth of 600 metres and exits at 65 degrees Celsius.

Why drink Tethys?
Tethys is a natural source of iodine and its iodine content has been proven to be beneficial to health. 1 dl Tethys per day covers 38% of the daily iodine requirement. The following officially approved health-related information is attributed to iodine:

  • Iodine contributes to normal cognitive and neurological function
  • iodine contributes to a normal energy-yielding metabolism
  • iodine contributes to normal functioning of the nervous system
  • Iodine contributes to the maintenance of normal skin
  • Iodine contributes to normal production of thyroid hormones and to normal thyroid function
  • iodine contributes to the normal growth of children

Effect of Tethys?
Without water and salt there is no life. If mineral salts are dissolved in water, electrically conductive solutions are formed, which are also called electrolytes. Tethys water facilitates chemical reactions and helps to transport nutrients and waste. Our body is electric and we need water and mineral salts to function. Every thought, every movement requires an electric charge. The minerals, trace elements, molecules and gases naturally occurring in Tethys are responsible for the health effects of Tethys.
Please also note the information on the bottle label.

Who can drink Tethys?
Basically everyone can drink Tethys, as it is a food.

How often can I drink Tethys?
Tethys water can be drunk daily.
Please note the drinking recommendation on the label of your Tethys bottle.

In order to support health and well-being, it is recommended to drink 1 glass (1dl) of Tethys daily. 1 glass (1dl) of Tethys per day covers 38% of recommended daily intake of iodine.

How does Tethys smell and taste?
Tethys tastes slightly salty on the tongue and smells slightly sulfurous in the nose.

How do you recognize Tethys?
Tethys is bottled in dark 1 litre glass bottles. It is marketed under the brand name “Tethys” and the technical name “drink with natural sulfur iodine water”.

How can I buy Tethys?
You order online in our webshop. We deliver directly to your door.

What does Tethys cost?
The recommended daily dose of 1 dl costs CHF 1.50 per day for your health and well-being.

How does Tethys get into the bottle?
Tethys is bottled at the hydrothermal deposit in Lavey-les-Bains, Switzerland. It comes in high-quality dark 1 litre glass bottles to protect the iodine from light. The whole process from bottling to shipping is handcraft.

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