A precious natural product for your health

The right mix of chemical elements from the primordial Tethys Sea makes all the difference.

The unique Tethys, a drink with natural sulfur iodine water, has a gentle but constant and lasting effect. It can be drunk daily. Tethys unfolds its powers holistically.

The original from the primordial ocean.
The different ingredients, their composition and quantity make Tethys a precious original. It is pure and natural. The minerals and trace elements can be absorbed particularly well, since they are already dissolved (ionized) in the water.

The effect of Tethys is not based solely on the chemical properties of the minerals in the water, but on the subtle interaction between the water itself, the minerals contained in it and the energy that the water can absorb.

Added to this is the geothermal environment in which it is stored. In the case of Tethys, a protected, underground hydrothermal deposit 3000 m deep inside the earth.

Tethys water orchestrates the chemical elements necessary for life.

The quote “The whole is more than the sum of its parts” by Aristotle also applies to Tethys and it is also called emergence.
What is emergence? Emergence is the formation of new properties or structures of a system as a result of the interplay of its elements. The emergent properties of the system cannot – or at least not obviously – be traced back to properties of the elements that they exhibit in isolation.

More is different (More is different by P.W. Anderson)
In biology, organisms represent a hierarchical system: They consist of organs, these of cells, these of organelles and these of macromolecules. A protein molecule has properties that none of the atoms it is composed of has.

Tethys, the drink with natural sulfur iodine water, has a holistic effect. It is not the individual element, but the mix of elements that makes the difference.

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