Health you can drink

Our food should be healthy in order to stay healthy and do health prevention.

More and more people want to eat healthy food in order to stay healthy and to do health prevention. Tethys contains the building blocks water and salt. It initiates chemical processes in the body that help the organism to maintain the balance of each cell (the smallest living unit) and to stay healthy.

Many modern human beings have distanced themselves very far from their natural foundations. As a counter-reaction, many seek closeness to nature. They want to take responsibility for themselves and their bodies again.

Tethys can play an important role here, with the vital building blocks it contains – minerals, trace elements, molecules and gases.

Tethys, the drink with natural sulfur iodine water, with the salt from the primordial Tethys Ocean is based on a natural principle of action. It contains exclusively natural substances (minerals from aqueous solutions containing gas and salt) and comes unadulterated from the depths of 3000 m inside the earth from the hydrothermal deposit in Lavey-les-Bains, Switzerland into the bottle.

A daily dose of Tethys: health you can drink
Health is at the top of the wish list. Everyone wants to support, maintain and increase their health and well-being in a sustainable way. But how?

The list of recommendations and health-related promises is enormous. It is therefore worth to take a closer look. Whatever advice you take, it should be safe and tested.

With Tethys, this almost forgotten drinking cure with sulfur water is made available again in a contemporary and safe way: under the brand name “Tethys” and the technical name “drink with natural sulfur iodine water”, is being marketed as a foodstuff since the beginning of 2019.

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