Application: 1x daily 1dl Tethys – the drink with natural sulfur iodine water from Switzerland

One decilitre Tethys per day, preferably drunk sober in the morning, is our recommendation. Make this your routine.

Tethys, a drink with natural sulfur iodine water, is intended for long-term daily use. One glass (1 dl) covers 38% of the recommended daily intake of iodine, which is needed every day to achieve a positive effect. Therefore, we recommend drinking Tethys daily.

The minerals, trace elements, molecules and gases contained in Tethys are unique in their composition and originated from 200 million old salt deposits of the primeval sea Tethys.

You should pay attention to these points:

Application: 1x 1 dl daily.

The recommended daily dose is 1 dl Tethys. It should be taken once per day before meals, preferably sober in the morning.

Drink Tethys at room temperature and drink an opened bottle quickly.

After opening, store the bottle at room temperature and away from sunlight, preferably in the kitchen.

Close the bottle thightly after use.

Fill the daily portion of Tethys (1dl) into a glass.

Routine helps. Always drink Tethys at the same time of day, if possible sober in the morning

Tastes are different. Tethys tastes slightly salty and smells slightly sulfurous.

When travelling, it can be difficult to maintain the routine. Nevertheless, try to take Tethys at the usual time.

Tethys is ready to drink. Ideally, you should make drinking Tethys an integral part of your daily routine, for example before breakfast.

Sealed Tethys bottles should be stored in a cool, dry place protected from light, preferably in the cellar.

Ideally, make drinking Tethys water an integral part of your daily routine. If you have forgotten to use it at the usual time, simply drink the water when you notice it.

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