Hot, germ-free, primeval, precious and pure, created by nature.

Tethys is bottled directly on site from an underground hydothermal deposit in Lavey-les-Bains, protected from pollution. It is pure and has a natural content of minerals, trace elements, molecules and gases.

Original purity means by definition that all the ingredients must be of natural origin. No substances may be subsequently added to or removed from Tethys.

Close, regular checks on site guarantee natural purity during bottling. Tethys is untreated and after bottling still has its natural purity and all the minerals it has absorbed.

Tethys is tested from the hydrothermal deposit to the bottle.
Tethys is unique: it is originally pure, comes from an underground hydothermal deposit and is bottled directly on site, just like mineral water.

It is a liquid dispenser and mineral supplier in one and gives the body what it needs in terms of vital substances. Tethys contains – and this makes it so valuable – the minerals, trace elements, molecules and gases from the primordial ocean Tethys.

In addition, all ingredients are already dissolved (ionized) and can be immediately absorbed and utilized by the body. This is also known as good bioavailability.

Due to its properties, Tethys has a nutritional and physiological effect. The trace element iodine naturally contained in it has been proven to contribute to health and well-being. Iodine only occurs naturally in the sea. Iodine is added to our table salt. Tethys is a natural source of iodine. The mineral salts from the primordial Tethys Sea make Tethys so unique and precious in particular its iodine content.

The path from the hydrothermal deposit to the glass bottle is strictly controlled and documented so that Tethys comes into the bottle unadulterated and with all its valuable properties and elements.

Good to know

  • The extraction, filling and control equipment fully comply with the strict food law requirements.
  • Natural Tethys meets the requirements of the Swiss Food Law.
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