The Mineral Treasure of the primordial sea Tethys

According to balneological rules the SPA of Lavey-les-Bains (Switzerland) is called a “sodium-sulfate-chloride-sulfur thermal water, containing lithium, fluoride and boric acid”. It contains silicic acid and in less important portions hydrogen carbonate (bicarbonate) and calcium and has a slightly increased iodine values. With a temperature of 65 degrees Celsius, it is the hottest SPA in Switzerland. It is known as a hyper thermal SPA. The minerals, trace elements and molecules originate from 200 million year old salt deposits of the primordial sea Tethys.

Measurement in situ

Temperature (°C): 65

Conductivity (µS/cm): 1910

pH: 7.6

Eh (mV): -230

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