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Tethys is a natural source of iodine

Iodine – Drink the Ocean. A trace element with great effects.
1 dl of Tethys per day covers 38% of the daily iodine requirement to support brain function, energy metabolism, nervous system, skin, thyroid hormone production and thyroid function. Iodine also contributes to normal growth in children. Tethys is promoted with officially approved health claims on iodine. Tethys is promoted with officially approved health claims on iodine.
Higher IQ thanks to iodine
A meta-study from China has shown that IQ (intelligence quotient) can be increased by 10 points in children with sufficient iodine.
The recommended daily dose of 1 dl Tethys costs CHF 1.50 per day for your health and well-being.


New era of sulfur water shipments with Tethys

Health prevention with very old roots
Tethys is more than lifestyle and wellness. It is modern health prevention with already very old roots.
Sulfur water shipment already known in the antiquity
Already from Roman times there is evidence that the sulfur water used for drinking cures was bottled and transported.
The history of home drinking cures and the related development of sulfur water shipping also goes back to the earlier centuries. The sulfur water shipments were made until the beginning of the 20th century and went as far as America, Africa and Asian countries.
Tethys establishes a new era of sulfur water shipments and brings it to new life.
Tethys – the drink with natural sulfur-iodine water from the hydrothermal deposit of Lavey-les Bains in Switzerland – is safely made available to you again as food.


The «Blue Zones» Tethys drink for a long life

Blue Zones are places, mainly islands, that were formed from underwater volcanoes like Ikaria in Greece or Sardinia in Italy. Their soils are rich in minerals and trace elements such as sulfur and iodine and are therefore very fertile. An above-average number of over 100-year-olds live there. This is attributed to their diet. They eat herbs, plants, fruits and vegetables that grow in these soils and thus absorb these precious minerals and trace elements with their food. The Tethys drink brings the «Blue Zones» directly to your home with its naturally contained minerals and trace elements from the sunken primordial Tethys sea.
Skin changes are some of the most visible signs of aging – if your body cells are fit, it also shows in your face. Why do some people look younger than they are? Why are certain older people fitter than younger people? The answer lies in the cells.
Tethys serves as a power source for our cells.
Our cells depend on water and salt in the form of an electrolyte solution to function optimally and stay healthy.
The electrolytes contained in Tethys support the function of the mitochondria in our cells, also known as the «powerhouses of the cells», which produce our life energy and keep us alive.
At the hydrothermal deposit in Lavey-les-Bains, in Switzerland, we bottle the naturally rising (artesian) Tethys from 3000 m below the surface for you. The minerals, trace elements and molecules it contains come from the 200-million-year-old primordial sea Tethys.
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